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SmartCOOP is a cost effective Enterprise multi-currency, multi-company, and web enabled e-Payment ready Cooperative & Thrift Management Solutions with centralized database; The Cooperative transactions can be processed centrally or distributed as desire and consolidated reports of the processing is available 24 x 7 online real-time. This aims at improving your efficiency by automating your system whilst giving you real-time value for all Cooperative & Thrift related processing

User Friendly
Easy solutions

Intuitive and flexible.

SmartCOOP Multipurpose Cooperative Society solution has been implemented as an efficient solution to turn around many Cooperative & Thrift’s processes, effectively making use of their people, process and technology. SmartCOOP can be easily customized to create a highly integrated solution meeting the customer’s specific business and technical requirements; thereby saving the customer time and money.

We intend to provide a complete Cooperative Management solutions implementation as well as knowledge transfer to the beneficiaries of this Project. We are best suited to assist you in this project because of our extensive experience in conducting similar exercises

SmartCOOP will assist your cooperative organization to better manage the cooperative transactions; such transaction includes but not limited to Deposit / Saving, Credit facilities, Loan, Share, Interest calculation, Account creation / Account opening, Share Holder list, Member list, Share statement, member statement, Accounts statement.
SmartCOOP employs leading edge Information Technology tools; including graphical and user friendly web based interfaces, multiple protocol networking support, a relational database management system, pop-up windows, alerts, dialog boxes, and on-line data entry and retrieval.
The package is a web based menu driven, user friendly, robust, reliable, very flexible, highly secured, and has standard online/guides help.
With user-defined usernames and passwords, the System Administrator can effectively control access to the package, with security checks done at every level - module, form and item level. The package has leading industry standard security technologies that conform to international standard.
Using SmartCOOP, your Cooperative & Thrift society would deliver value in line with the organization’s objectives.

SmartCOOP has a lot of functionalities that can be customized to allow any Cooperative society to implement unique policies, it supports policies that differ from one Cooperative society to another; because organization policies can be set up and modified without recourse to Smart Vision Technology.
SmartCOOP takes into consideration the organization’s specific requirement and as such, it was designed to reflect local, state/region and international requirements of any Cooperative society and can handle critical operations across many Cooperative societies.
SmartCOOP can easily be customized to:

  • Achieve easy data structure that will meet any Cooperative & Thrift requirements
  • Support local rules and regulations
  • Handle critical operations
  • Consolidate accounting information
  • Offer better return on investment through rapid implementation and support
  • Support third party development tools and products
  • Support integration with third party applications
  • Support distributed and centralized processing.
  • Manage the development of tomorrow’s financial managers.

    The benefits of the SmartCOOP implementation includes but not limited to the followings:

  • Multi-currency Support - Capability to handle multi-currency transactions
  • SmartCOOP can be offered as either

    a service on a cloud, whereby the cooperative societies can subscribe to the service as SaaS (Software as a Service) without any acquisition of hardware.
    a local installation within the organization LAN/WAN.

  • Provides faster and accurate processing of cooperative society transactions
  • .Web based and accessible from anywhere via a secured network, intranet portal, internet, mobile phone, I-pad, VPN, etc.
  • Provides Coop member self-service (CMSS) – coop member’s personalized portal
  • Sends members’ e-statement of account to the member at the end of each month and/or accounting period
  • Sends SMS to  members as regards to their account balances at the end of each month and/or accounting period
  • 24x7 availability of e-statement of account on member personalized portal without recourse to the administrator.
  • Provision to upload member pictures, signature and other vital documents.
  • Reduces or eliminates manual processing, and permit quicker revision of cooperative society policies
  • Lowers costs through improved accounting and control process
  • Information flow - provides better information flow for effective planning and strategy to remain ahead in the industry
  • Information sharing - enhances the sharing of information across offices.
  • Paperless environment
  • The system is very intuitive and its users require minimal training.
  • Audit trail - Provides audit trail to monitor all transactions performed on the system.

  • The software solution makes provision for continued review of the Cooperative Society functions and policies in order to achieve a better performance. It also makes provision that will make Cooperative Society's personnel to be more effective in their works, as it transformed record-keeping to automated processing leading to a paperless office.