Smart Vision Technology



The adoption of biometrics is growing rapidly in the emerging countries of the world. Growth, prosperity and political stability in these countries depend on providing their burgeoning populations access to basic services, such as pensions, entitlements, education, banking, as well as secure voting systems. However, effective delivery of these services requires reliable and cost effective means of identification at point-of-service access. Without such identification, fraud can run rampant.

At Smart Vision Technology we design, develop and implement various biometric solutions to meet the security needs of our clients. Our team of highly proficient experts deliver only the best products and services from some of the world's largest third party vendors and manufacturers of biometric and security equipment. Our solutions are cost effective and are designed to withstand the different rigorous scenarios of the working environment

SmartBiometric, Automatic Fingerprint Identification solutions, provides proof of identity at the time of registration, authentication/access and verification on the various services described above. No one can register twice, no ghost works, in the case of voting; no one can vote twice and voting results can be inspected for duplicate votes.

SmartBiometric provides the accuracy, ease of use and integration, and cost effectiveness that is unmatched by other solutions and technologies.

SmartBiometric is suitable for these operations

  • Employee Biometric Registration & Verification
  • Time and Attendance
  • Prisoner/Detainee Management
  • Civil Registries
  • Access Control Systems
  • Benefits Administration
  • Health and Human Services
  • Criminal AFIS/Booking