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SmartHR, an Enterprise multi-company multi-currency web enabled e-Payment and Biometric ready Human Resource and Payroll Solution; can assist your organization to better manage its most vital resource, which is the strong pillar behind any successful organization - Human Capital.
User Friendly, Easy solutions
SmartHR Captures Employee Information from on-boarding to retirement

Most of the Human Resource professionals spend their time in operational activities which delay some important strategic planning and decisions. This comprehensive human resource solution helps human resource/admin departments and the managements in making strategic planning and decision promptly and effectively. SmartHR is aimed at the organizations that intend to automate their human resource functions, such as:

  • Employee data management,
  • Payroll and Salary Processing,
  • Loans Processing,
  • Training Management,
  • Appraisal Performance Management
  • Leave & leave roster management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Employee Self-service Automation
  • Biometric Enrolment and verification and many more.

  • It is intended to be used by technical and non-technical staffs alike that use the system to perform their day-to-day business functions.

    The SmartHR, Enterprise Human Resource and Payroll Solutions (HRMS), deployed and supported by the experienced and committed ICT software development firm, Smart Vision Technology (SVT) IT Consult Limited will assist your organization to better manage its most vital resource - Human Capital, and also eliminate ghost workers through the Bank Verification Number (BVN) and/or Biometric Management (Automatic Fingerprint Identification solutions) module of the system.

    SmartHR offers the best of standard-based Human resource & Payroll management solutions (HRMS) with maximum security. It has been implemented as an efficient solution to turn around many organization’s human resource processes, effectively making use of their people, processes and technology. SmartHR can be easily customized to create a highly integrated solution meeting the customer’s specific business and technical requirements; thereby saving the customer time and money

    SmartHR employs leading edge Information Technology tools; including graphical and user friendly web based interfaces, multiple protocol networking support, a relational database management system, pop-up windows, alerts, dialog boxes, and on-line data entry and retrieval.


    The package is a web based menu driven, user friendly, robust, reliable, very flexible, highly secured, and has standard online/guides help. With user-defined usernames and passwords, the System Administrator can effectively control access to the package, with security checks done at every level - module, form and item level. The package has leading industry standard security technologies that conform to international standard.
    Using SmartHR, the human resource/personnel department can deliver value by hiring personnel with the right skills; identifying the development needs and provide training that will enable employees skills remain in line with the organization’s objectives. SmartHR has a lot of functionalities that can be customized to allow any organization implement unique human resource policies.

    There is also provision to implement various legislations on employment such as tax and other statutory deductions, data protection, union rules like co-operative and dozens of other legislations. SmartHR support policies that differ from one organization to another; because organization policies can be set up and modified without recourse to Smart Vision Technology.

    SmartHR takes into consideration the organization’s specific requirement and as such, it was designed to reflect local, state/region and international requirements of any country and can handle critical operations across many countries.

    SmartHR can easily be customized to:

  • Achieve easy data structure that will meet any organization requirements
  • Support local rules and regulations
  • Handle critical operations
  • Consolidate human resource information
  • Offer better return on investment through rapid implementation and support
  • Support third party development tools and products
  • Support integration with third party applications
  • Support distributed and centralized processing.

    SmartHR has been implemented and in use in the under listed sectors of the economy.

  • Government Agencies
  • Financial Sectors
  • Aviation Industries
  • Constructions
  • Agricultural Sectors
  • Non-governmental organizations
  •  Judiciary
  • Oil and gas sectors
  • Primary Mortgage institutions
  • Educational Sectors, etc

    The benefits of the SmartHR in the areas of information management, regulatory compliance, business process automation and real-time reporting includes but not limited to the followings:

  • Multi-company multi-currency; freedom to do transactions with currency of choice.
  • Paperless system helps reduce the cost and other related inconveniences
  • Ease of use. Intuitive/ User-friendly Data Entry interface for easy data storage.
  • Accurate data provides peace of mind; provides faster administration of salaries, wages and fringe benefits
  • Business Growth does not require new software because there is room for upgrading
  • Provides better information flow for effective planning and strategy to remain ahead in the industry
  • HR department can easily manage multi-branch offices from the head offices
  • Lower maintenance costs through innovative technology and control process.
  • Provides immediate and comprehensive views  of workforce for effective planning and decision making
  • Provides enhanced processing of retirement benefits, statutory deductions and contributions, etc
  • Tracks the development of human capital and skills throughout the structure of the organization
  • SmartHR can be deployed on premise, on private cloud and pubic cloud; providing true flexibility
  • Web based, accessible real time from anywhere in the world via a secured network, intranet portal, internet, mobile phone, I-pad, VPN, etc.
  • Robust security and system integrity and Comprehensive audit trail
  • Access to all information on SmartHR are configured on a need-to-know basis
  • Can  be integrated with Active Directory of an existing domain

    The software solution makes provision for continued review of the company functions and policies in order to achieve a better performance. It also makes provision that will make Human Resource department personnel to be more effective in their works, as it transformed record-keeping to automated processing leading to a paperless office.