Smart Vision Technology

Who we are


Smart Vision Technology (SVT) IT Consult is a Software Development Company with years of experience in crafting Smart Solutions in Mobile, Web and Enterprise sectors. Its ownership consists of institutions and seasoned businessmen and professionals; with wide range of experience in making use of Information and Communication Technology to enhance and optimize business operations thereby driving key performance indicators across board and giving rise to excellence ROIs. With over a decade of hands-on industry experience, SVT has grown into a one stop shop Technology Company with specialties in Bespoke Software Development and Infrastructure Implementation with a proven track record of technological innovation and corporate culture that thrives on challenge. Through a robust offering of generic and bespoke value added Smart solutions for both individual and corporate users, SVT IT is achieving its visions of becoming a leader in the evolving technology and solution provider space. Our partnership cut across ICT solution providers around the globe Our specialized services in Information and Communication Technology cut across various sectors of the economy; our solutions have been implemented and in use in the under listed sectors of the economy.

Our Smart enterprise solutions have been implemented as efficient solutions to turn around many enterprise processes; effectively making use of their people, processes and technology. Our solutions can be easily customized to create a highly integrated scalable solution to meet the customer’s specific business and technical requirements; thereby saving the customer time and money. We intend to provide a complete solution implementation as well as knowledge transfer to the beneficiaries of the Project.